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Fishing Report September 2013

September 20-22, 2013

Water temperatures are dropping to the low 60s and the walleyes have been actively feeding during mid-day.  I am finding aggressive fish relatively shallow (13-17 feet) on major structures like Government Point, Center Bar, Stoney Point, and Airplane Bar, but I suspect they are biting most anywhere you can mark them on your sounder.  This hot bite typically lasts until the weather makes a turn for the worse.  The sand breaks seem to be the key, as I am not seeing walleyes on the rocks right now.  I have a couple more weeks of good fishing before hunting season starts, and my open water fishing season ends.  The fall colors are beginning to be evident around the shoreline of Woman Lake, but it is still mostly green.

September 13-15, 2013

The walleye bite has been solid, but mostly in traditional fall locations with access to deeper water. 15-17 feet was the best depth this week and the size of the walleyes caught were ideal (plenty of 15-18 inchers with a few 20-24 inchers for photo opportunities). Leeches and minnows worked equally well, however the leeches are more durable when fishing locations with abundant crawfish. The minnows also attract the northerns, if that is what you seek. The water temps varied in the 64-67 degree range and some of the adult loons have begun to depart. This week I saw lots of ducks in the air, and whitetail deer on the woodland edges, but no real hint of fall color changes yet. It won't be long before the crisp air takes over and the woods begin to erupt in color.

September 6 - 8, 2013

Water temperatures on Woman Lake have been to drop, as you might expect this time of year, to the upper 60s, which means the lake is beginning to transition into fall. The loons have been gathering in larger rafts, but I am still seeing many adult birds. Soon the adults will be heading south, leaving their hatchlings (now fully grown) behind and confused. It will take the youngsters another couple months before they begin to leave in mass, and magically find their own way to the wintering grounds along the Gulf Coast of the Carolina's, Florida, and Louisiana. I have seen both walleyes and bass begin to transition to typical fall locations this week. They are still in the 15-22 foot depths mostly, but not so much on the main summer structures as we have seen for the last 10 weeks. Start to think shallower this time of year as the weeds are slowly dying back and the water cools. I am still fishing leeches mostly, but if you are hunting big fish try working a large red tail chub or crankbait.

Voyagers National Park - Aug 27 thru Sept 3, 2013

We launched boats in Crane Lake, MN and boated up into the western bays of Sand Point Lake for a week of fishing and camping. The weather ranged from hot sun and 90 degree temperatures, to cold wind driven rain including one storm with winds topping 65 mph. Despite the variable weather, the walleye and smallmouth fishing was as consistent as ever, and the daily walleye shore lunch was delightful. If you have never been up there, you should make this trip someday. Stunning scenery, remarkable wildlife, and the stars at night will make you come back again.