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Fishing Report October 2012

October 2012

The fall colors are absolutely spectacular this year, and for the most part, you can have the lake to yourself.  The many fall season distractions of football games, duck hunting, and pheasant hunting really cut down the number of fisherman and recreational boaters, leaving the Woman Lake quiet and peaceful.  An early morning sunrise with the low fog hanging just over the flat calm waters and a mournful loon call echoing around the lake is about as good as it gets for me.  The walleye fishing is pretty darn good, too.  The walleyes are hanging out in their typical fall haunts with both Government Point and Stoney Point producing good numbers of fish.  The larger main lake reefs are holding fish as well.  The best depths have generally been in the 15-18 foot range, but we are also catching fish in shallower water.  I have been fishing with leeches or crawlers, but this is also a fun time to tie on a big crankbait and troll the breaklines.  The tundra swans have stopped in for a visit on their way south and the duck migration is in full swing.  The young loons are hanging out in large groups on the main lake, still trying to figure out where all the adults have gone.  If the weather continues to hold, we should have a few more weeks of steady fishing before you need to don your snowmobile suits.