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Fishing Report October 2011

October 21-24, 2011

The weather and water continues to cool down, but the lakes are still very fishable.  Water temps are still in the low 50's and the walleyes have been active.  They have continued to move to shallower water as we caught most of them in 14-19 feet of water.  The traditional fall shoreline breaks were best, but we found active walleyes on a number of sand breaks between Government point and Stoney Point as well.  This may be the last trip of the season for open water fishing, as we now start to get ready for the upcoming deer hunting opener.  Ice fishing will be starting by mid-December if we have a normal ice-in date.  The first 30 days of ice fishing seems to be the best here on Woman Lake, but the big perch and bluegill bite should run through the ice season.  See you on the ice.

October 7-9, 2011

We started to find the somewhat larger walleyes again this weekend, mostly in their traditional fall locations.  Steeper shoreline breaks near Wilson Point, Stoney Point, Government Point, and Lanterns Bay all held catchable fish, but we found they had moved shallower since last weekend.  We didn't find many "big" walleyes, but sufficient numbers in the 14-19" range along with some keeper perch.  18-22 feet was the preferred depth for most of the fish we caught.

October 1-4, 2011

The fall colors around the Longville and Hackensack area are truly spectacular right now.  It seems that virtually all the various trees and shrubs have turned color at the same time - which is not at all typical in my experiences.  The aspen and birch are brilliant yellow and gold, the maples range from brilliant oranges to bright red, and the oaks have taken on a deep crimson or rich red with the backdrop of the green pines and cedars.  Stunningly beautiful.  The walleyes are cooperating as well.  We caught many small walleyes but nothing over 16 inches this weekend.  There would appear to be strong year classes of 2 and 3 year old fish (9-13 inches) that are very active right now as 70% of the fish we caught fell into this size range.  The water temps have dropped into the upper 50s and we had to work a little to find enough keeping size walleyes.  Most of the walleyes were found deep 23-28 feet, but in the typical fall locations.  The young loons call every evening wondering where everybody has gone.  In a few more weeks they will give up waiting and start their own adventure south.

We scouted out the Boy River, between Hwy 200 and Boy Lake, for a canoe float trip this weekend and it looks like a beautiful stretch of river.  I am sure it holds both walleye and smallmouth and I understand the duck hunting can be good as well.  I might try and take a paddle trip next weekend and let you know.