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Fishing Report June 2021

June 2021

June 26, 2021

The Woman Lake walleyes have now dispersed throughout the main lake basin (off shore structure) and can be found on many reefs, sunken islands, rock piles, and sand flats, as well as major shore related points and breaks.  We are still finding most walleyes 15-18 feet deep, but they can move more shallow in low light conditions.  The smallmouth bass are hanging tight to their rock structures, and many of these rock structures are holding walleyes as well.  The fishing bite has been solid when the weather is fishable, so get out on the water and catch some dinner.  We are fishing leeches on live bait rigs mostly during the day, but slip bobbers will work well at sunset as does long-line trolling with Rapalas.

June 15, 2021

Many Woman Lake walleyes are continuing their seasonal movement to off-shore (main lake basin) structure, while some fish will remain related to shore connected structure all summer.  We have had some recent unusual weather events, like prolonged extreme heat and high winds that have made fishing a challenge on a number of days, but overall the walleye bite has been solid.  We caught limits of nice walleyes (15-19") each of the last two days, however a week ago we experienced a massive mayfly hatch that shut down the fishing bite for 3-4 days.  We have had the most success fishing leeches on live bait rigs (like Lindy Rigs) during the day, but slip bobber rigs with leeches are also working well, especially in the evenings around sunset.  Every day seems to be a little different, and the walleyes seem to be moving around daily.  Surface water temperatures on the lake are in the low 70s degree range, which is high for this time of year, but makes it great for swimming and water sports.  The walleyes we are finding are holding on both sand breaks and rock structures in 14-17 feet of water.  Sunken island tops, main lake sand reefs and rock piles are starting to attract fish, but we are also finding them on shoreline sand breaks and points.  The big smallmouth bass are done spawning and have shown up on both deep and shallow rock structures.  This week we caught and released numerous smallmouth bass in the 18-20" range with one weighing 6 lbs.  When the surface water is calm, you can see these bass cruising the shallow rock structures and sight fish them.