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Fishing Report August 2011

August 19-21, 2011

     No major change in the fishing patterns on Woman Lake since earlier in the month.  We are still finding plenty of nice eating size walleyes (14"-19") but also have recently seen numbers of younger year classes, particularly in the 9" to 11" range.  I am guessing these smaller walleyes are three year old fish hatched in the spring of 2009.  The water temperatures have dropped down to the 71-73 degree range now with the slowly diminishing sunlight.  The boat traffic on the lake has begun to diminish as well with summer winding down and schools ready to open.  It is a very peasant time of year to be on the water.

August 12-15, 2011

     More of the same decent weather and decent fishing conditions as last week.  We found eating size walleyes, big bluegills, and a few bigger perch as well on mid-lake rocks and bars in the 15-19 foot depths.  I will put up a few fish pictures in the Catch Photos section of the web site, so check out the size of a few of these bluegills.  Most of the walleyes have been under 20" lately, which is perfect if you want to fry a few up for dinner.  If you tie into some of these big bluegills, put some of the bigger ones back and keep the 9-10 inchers to eat.  There are not many lakes that feature true trophy size panfish like Woman Lake, and it would be nice to keep this population thriving.

August 5-7, 2011

     The shallow water mid-lake pattern for walleyes seems to be the ticket now.  I am finding small pods of eating size fish (14"-19" mostly) on main lake rock piles and points off the bigger reefs and bars.  It seems 15 to 17 feet has been the preferred depths although I have found a few down in the 20-21 feet range.  I am catching fish all day long so the time of day or light conditions has not seemed to be a critical locational factor.  The big bull bluegills are still hanging on the mid-depth rock piles as well.  The biggest was just under 11" but was probably was close to a pound and a half in weight.  They are big, fat, and healthy and do not have any problem making the drag on your reel sing a little bit.