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Fishing Report August 2020

August 6, 2020

Woman Lake walleyes are widely dispersed throughout the main lake basin, and we are not seeing large concentrations of fish anywhere.  We are finding walleyes most every day, but usually only seeing scattered fish or small pods per location on the depth sounder, so we move from spot to spot to catch the active ones.  The bass and bluegill are the most active fish right now, and they often will beat any walleyes to your bait.  We have caught some really big bass (20"+) lately, both smallmouth and largemouth on typical walleye structures.  Evening trolling for walleyes over the 7-10 foot sand flat breaks is becoming a good option right now.  Start an hour before sunset and fish until an hour after dark, using a crankbait that trolls in the 6-9 foot depth range, like an original floating Rapala or any similar lure.  Run your bait 90+ feet behind the boat and troll at 1.5 to 3 mph.

Notice:  I will not be available for guided fishing trips from Aug 12th to September 3rd.  I will be up in Voyagers National Park (MN / Canada border waters) first on a fishing vacation with my wife, and then on a more wilderness camping/fishing trip with a few lifelong fishing partners.  I will be back to Woman Lake in time to offer guided fishing services before the Labor Day weekend, and then through early October.  I will not have access to email or phone for a portion of that time, but feel free to email or leave me a phone message if you want to book a fishing trip in September/October and I will get back to you as soon as I can.