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Fishing Report June 2011

June 25-27, 2011

The wet, cool summer trend continues but so does the strong walleye bite.  The surface water temperatures on Woman Lake are registering in the 63-65 degree range depending upon the day’s sunlight and where you might be on the lake chain.  Never-the-less we found some nice walleyes have moved out to offshore structures, like mid-lake bars, sunken islands, and rock piles.  You can still catch walleyes on the shoreline breaks, but I believe more normal summer location patterns are now in force.  We caught a nice range of sizes from 14 inches up to 23 inches, and just about every length in between.  This is indicates many walleye year classes are represented, and demonstrates the strong, stable, and well balanced walleye population in this lake chain.  Start fishing in the 17-18 foot depth ranges, but don't be afraid to venture down to 30 feet when conditions warrant.  Leeches, crawlers, or big minnows will all work if presented properly.  I posted more photos in the CATCH PHOTOS section.  I found a few large perch, but the weather didn't encourage me to make a major effort to pin them down.  I'll be fishing most of the week beginning next weekend, and the long term forecast points to warmer, sunnier weather.  It easily could be the best fishing of the season.

 June 18-20, 2011

I missed last weekend's fishing due to my son's high school graduation party where we fried walleyes and crappies for 90+ attendees.  Great party and great food, but I was looking forward to getting back to fishing this weekend.  I was greeted by three days of easterly winds, which often means tough fishing, but that was not the case on Woman Lake.  I not only quickly caught an easy limit of 16-20" walleyes off a shoreline break, I also found a whole gaggle of keeper size perch hanging just slightly shallower than the walleyes.  The wind was blowing into a 13-18 foot trough on a sandy shoreline break, and the fish were quite obvious on my sounder.  I was fishing with both leeches and big redtail minnows, but if I had brought some smaller minnows I suspect I could have caught a lot more perch.  Next weekend I hope to spend more time tracking this big perch pattern.  Hopefully, the weather (and wind) will cooperate.  One of these days, the weather is going to break and summer will arrive.  See you on the water.

June 3-6, 2011

Fishing remains strong when the weather lets you onto the water.  We are still experiencing cooler temperatures and higher winds than normal, but it has not negatively affected the fishing.  We caught numbers of nice eater walleyes in the 15-18 inch range and put a few 20+ inchers back in the lake.  The walleyes are still in the same patterns they have been for the last couple weeks.The duck hatch seems to been strong this spring based upon the many broods of tiny yellow puffballs I have seen scurrying around the shoreline waters, trying to keep up with Mom.  Mallards, goldeneyes, mergansers, and wood ducks are mostly what I have been seeing, but also a few geese.  Lots of loons on the water this year, too.  Maybe more loons than I have ever seen.  The loon calling during the evening and night time hours has just been delightful, along with the chorus frogs and the spring peepers.  You just close your eyes and listen and you know you are in northern Minnesota.  Especially when the mosquitoes come out.