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Fishing Report December 2014

December 27 - 31, 2014

The fishing has been decent during the low light conditions, but pretty spotty during the mid-day hours.  We still have little snow and very solid ice, despite the fact that the weather has been quite mild for a Minnesota winter.  There is a predictable walleye bite for about 1 hour right around sunset, and the northern pike will ambush your rig most any time of day.

December 19-22, 2014

The temperatures have dropped back down to normal, the lake surface froze up well, and we have 2-4 inches of new snow which we needed for banking the ice shack.  I have not had a chance to scout much of the lake yet, but we are catching a few nice eating size walleyes each evening just around sunset.  I have been fishing the 17-19 foot break of a large shore based sand flat and the walleyes are active about 30 minutes either side of sunset.  Northern pike have been active during the daylight hours and seem to love the shiner minnows..  I've caught walleyes on both shiners and fatheads using a variety of glow type jigs.

December 12-14, 2014

After a remarkably cold early November, Woman Lake was ice covered before the Thanksgiving holidays, probably 2+ weeks earlier than usual.  We now have 8-9 inches of solid ice on the lake, but virtually no snow.  The temperatures this weekend (40-50 degree highs) was unseasonably warm and there is a half inch of water on top of the ice.  We put the ice shacks out but it is very slippery footing, so be careful out there.