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Fishing Report June 2013

June 21-23, 2013

The walleye bite remains very strong as water temperatures have reached the 67-69 degree range.  Walleyes are still relatively shallow, mostly found 15-18 feet deep over sand and actively hitting leeches presented on a live bait rig.  You could also troll spinner rigs with leeches or night crawlers if you need to cover more water to find some active fish.  Crankbaits should work, as well, but I did not try that technique this week.  Most of the larger main lake structures are holding fish right now, so don't be afraid to move around if you don't find active feeders on your first couple spots.

June 14-17, 2013

Summer is finally here with 75 degree days, sunshine, and easy winds, so the fishing has been delightful.  Water temperatures have soared to the mid 60s degree range on Woman Lake and climb a little with each sunny day.  The bigger walleyes in the 20-25 inch range are now very active throughout the day.  I am catching very nice fish in the middle of the day, so no need to get up at sunrise or fish until dark.  The walleyes are hanging out on most of the premier main lake structures now, but they are a little shallower this week.  I am finding very active schools in 13-15 feet of water as well as walleyes along the 19-21 foot sand breaks.  Leeches have definitely been the ticket as far as a bait choice.  Shiners will work too, but you will also hook a bunch of northern pike in the process.  This is a great time of year to fish, and when the sun shines this lake is about as beautiful as a Minnesota lake can get.  Limits of fish are the norm if you put in the effort and the wildlife viewing has been a real bonus.  The first duck hatches of the season are now swimming along the shorelines behind Mom, all packed together in a tight bunch and bouncing and bobbing with each wave.  The Bald Eagles have also been quite active and vocal, especially near any of the lakeshore nest sites.  The loons are everywhere and their calls at night are my favorite sound in the world.  My second favorite sound is the scream of my reel drag when I hook a big one, and you can hear that sound pretty consistently right now.  Check out the Catch Photos section to see what we have been catching.  See you on the water.

June 7-12, 2013

As I expected the walleye bite has turned hot, along with the warmer weather.  Water temperatures in the main lake are in the 58-59 degree range, and you can find temps in the low 60s in most of the smaller bays.  While the winds have remained strong at times, the lake has been very fishable and the walleyes are cooperating.  Leeches have been the best bait for me, but shiners are working as well.  I am finding active fish along the main lake points and bigger reefs up in 15-17 feet of water, or down along the 22-23 foot sand breaks.  We are catching numerous fish in the 19 to 23 inch range, but the bulk of the catch has been plump 15-18 inch walleyes, perfect for frying.  The perch bite had slowed a little, at least on my walleye spots, but the northern pike are quite active if you are fishing with minnows or casting crankbaits or spoons.  While the fishing is generally always very good on Woman Lake, the next few weeks will be the best of the year for finding quantities of easy to catch walleyes.  With a little effort you can easily take a limit of keeper walleyes off the primary walleye structures and you will also likely catch a few over 20 inches to photograph and release.  I will add a few photos to the Catch Photos segment of this website so you can see for yourself.