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Fishing Report June 2020

June 30, 2020

     The mayfly hatches have now dissipated and the walleyes are getting back to more normal patterns.  We caught a very nice batch of walleyes in the 16-19" range today, and most of them were up in 14-16 feet of water, a little shallower than typical for this time of year.  Panfish are also quite active on top of some deeper rockpiles.  The summer night pattern of walleyes coming up onto the 8-10 foot sand flats just before sunset is also evident, and we have seen larger walleyes (20"+) being caught by slow trolling traditional Rapalas about 100 feet behind your boat over these flats.

June 23, 2020

     We experienced a huge mayfly hatch on Sunday evening, which made the walleye fishing tougher on Monday, but the lake bounced right back and gave us a nice batch of 15-19" keeper walleyes today along with a big smallmouth bass (and a couple giant bowfin, one of which was 30" long and probably in the 10-11 lb range).  These fish were in 14-17 feet of water, just off a rock pile, and we were fishing live bait rigs with leeches.  Water temps remain right around 70 degrees.

June 19, 2020

     Water temps have reached 70 degrees on Woman Lake while the walleye fishing remains sporadic with the extreme weather changes this week, from a major cold front, to 92-degree highs temps, to high winds, to heavy rain.  One day we will take a limit of walleyes and the next day we get just a few.  On the other hand, the northern pike bite has been consistently hot most days, and we are not even fishing for them.  If you wish to fish for northern pike, they are feeding very aggressively right now.

June 13, 2020

     The traditional hot walleye bite in early June has not arrived yet, at least as I anticipated.  Since June 1st, we have experienced two major cold fronts (complete with frost warnings) as well as some continual high winds that make boat control a major challenge.  The cold fronts make the walleyes less active, and less likely to feed for a couple days, and the high winds just make the effort of fishing much more difficult, and sometimes impossible.  We were fishing right on top of walleyes all morning today, but we couldn't get them to take a leech.  The forecast now calls for at least 4 more days of high winds before we get a break from the weather.  Sometimes fishing is like that, but better fishing days will come.

June 1, 2020

     Some of the Woman Lake walleyes have begun their summer movements to their mid-lake basin structures this past week, like sunken islands, deeper rock piles, and breaks along mid-lake flats.  There are still many walleyes staged on shore related structures, but the main lake basin cover has now become productive fishing territory.  We are catching them in the 17-19 foot depths for the most part, however we have occasionally found some deeper fish, too. They have also begun to actively bite on leeches, which to me, is often a sign that the best walleye bite of the season has begun.  Surface water temps in the main lake have exceeded 60 degrees, so I expect the next few weeks will be excellent walleye fishing.  Come on out and enjoy the fun.