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Fishing Report August 2018

August 10-16, 2018

     Hot weather has brought the surface water temps back up to almost 8o degrees, but the big fish have been biting.  I am not saying it is an easy bite, by any means, but we are getting some pretty nice fish.  Walleyes up to 26 inches, smallmouth bass up to 21 inches, bluegills over 10 inches, perch over 10 inches, and bigger largemouth bass and northern pike have been brought to the boat this week.  We are not catching large quantities of any one species daily (except bluegills), but we are regularly getting a nice mixed bag of walleyes, bass, panfish, and northern pike.  Mid-depth rock structures and large sand breaks with weeds on top and access to deep water below have been the best for us.  We are finding walleyes and smallmouth bass in 16-19 feet of water on the sand, and around 13-15 feet on rock structures. Check out the "Catch Photos" section of this website to see for yourself.  Come on out and join the fun.  The hot Fall Weather bite is coming soon.

August 1-3, 2018

     After a week of very tough fishing, the recent cool front has dropped Woman Lake surface temperatures down to 73 degrees, and the fish have begun to bite again.  We are finding a few nice size walleyes (up to 20 inches) in 19 feet of water on sandy points with access to deeper water.  We are still marking many more fish on the depth sounder than we are catching, so we are hopeful the bite will improve if the weather cooperates.  The largemouth bass are active and have been holding tight to the weedlines in 15-16 feet, and so are the northern pike.  The smallmouth bass are sitting on the mid-depth rock structures, wherever they find the crayfish abundant.