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Fishing Report June 2015

June 18-21, 2015

Summer weather patterns have arrived and the walleyes can be found on most traditional summer structure from the big Center Bar, to Government Point, to Spain Point, to Airplane Bar, to Hunter Bay Point. Their specific locations on these structures will vary based upon the daily wind direction, sky cover (light penetration), and time of day, but they are actively biting if you get bait within their strike window. We are still finding larger than average walleyes (19-23 inches) and primarily fishing leeches on live bait rigs in 16-22 foot depths. Trolling a crankbait along the major sand breaks around sunset has been a successful technique as well. With the summer solstice upon us, it stays light enough to fish until well after 10 PM. Surface water temperatures have reached the 69-70 degree range now, so swimming, water skiing, and tubing seem to be popular activities when the sun is shining. The baby loons are riding around on their parents backs and quickly learning how to swim and dive on their own, and the loon call chorus at night is absolutely mystical.

June 5-7, 2015

The hot walleye bite we have seen since opening weekend has remained steady with limits of nice eating size walleyes most every day.  Occasionally we will see a slow morning or slow afternoon, but if you stay with it you should easily end up with a nice bag of fish for dinner.  Water temps have reached the 63-64 degree range and both the bait fish and predator fish are quite active.  We have found the walleyes have now dispersed throughout the main lake basin and sit on most of the larger points and bars.  They move a little daily based upon the wind directions and light penetration, but for the most part they can be found in the 17-21 foot ranges on most traditional structures.  We have been fishing live bait rigs with leeches, but minnows and crawlers are working too.  If the wind is blowing, look more shallow and fish the windward facing side of the structure.  The crappies should be spawning now in the bullrushes and on a clam day you can sight fish them, and the northern pike are always active.  I have seen numerous big muskies near the surface over some of my walleye haunts, and the muskie opener is coming soon.  Come on up, the fishing is good.