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Fishing Report September 2012

September 2012

I just came back from a tremendous fishing trip up in Voyager's National Park, along the Minnesota-Canadian border.  If you have never been up there, you owe it to yourself to go explore this area.  Most of the park is only accessible via water, but you can either boat in to a campsite, or stay at a resort on one of the access lakes and boat in daily to fish and tour the wilderness scenery.  You can also rent a houseboat which seems to be a very popular way to experience the park.  We boat in about 20 miles to set up base camp, and then we fish different areas of the park each day.  The park is huge and encompasses numerous large connected lakes from Crane Lake, to Sand Point Lake, to Kabatogema, to Rainy Lake.  This park may be the best multi-species fishing chain in the upper Midwest, and I guarantee you it is the most beautiful.  Loons, wolves, moose, eagles, spectacular scenery, and great fishing - this park seems to have it all.  I will include some trip photos in the Catch Section to give you a look at what you are missing.

The walleye fishing on Woman Lake has been steady throughout September, and should remain good for another month.  I have seen quite a few fishermen targeting muskie and I see big muskies occasionally following a fish I have hooked.  I have not lost any walleyes to a muskie yet this year, however that is not usually the case.  The ducks are beginning to fly in larger groups and it won't be long before the hunting season opens.  The adult loons will have left before this month ends, but the young-of-the-year loons will remain until the lake is almost ready to freeze up.  The fall colors have been outstanding.  This is definitely my most favorite time of the year to be on this lake.