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Fishing Report August 2021

August 11, 2021

The Woman Lake walleye bite remains slow, as is typical this time of year with all the forage bait in the water, however you can still catch walleyes everyday if you work for them.  You need to search multiple locations for small pods of walleyes, fish the active ones, and then move on to the next location and the next pod of walleyes.  It takes time, but it does work.  The walleye locations have not changed much as we are still finding them on main lake basin rock piles, sunken island sand breaks, and sand breaks off the big flats.  16-18 feet deep is where we usually find them initially, however they will move up or down a little based upon light penetration (i.e. clouds vs sun) or time of day.  On the other hand, the smallmouth bass and big bluegills are biting aggressively, especially near major rock structures.  We are also starting to find some nice crappies at the base of the weedlines near large cabbage weed beds.  You will want to fish a fathead minnow or minnow imitation bait that you can work effectively in the weeds.  This crappie bite will continue to get better as we slide into fall weather patterns.

Guide Fishing Notice:  I will no longer being accepting any new guide trip reservations through the end of August 2021, as my daughter (Kaeli) is getting married soon in my backyard, and my "Dad Duties" for hosting this large wedding are piling up.  I appreciate your patience and tolerance over the next few weeks as we celebrate this occasion.  I will honor all currently scheduled guide trips.  By the time the good walleye bite returns in mid-September, I expect to be back in the saddle and ready to put you on some good walleye fishing.  Thanks, ObeWan.