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Fishing Report September 2016

September 27-30, 2016

The walleye bite remains decent with keeper walleyes found mostly in the 17-21 foot range.  We have been catching nice eating size fish, but nothing over 21" yet this week.  Water temperatures have dropped to about 60 degrees and the fish have maintained their same fall patterns.  We witnessed a very nice crappie bite of fish working minnows on the surface along an emergent reed face.  These were some dandy crappies in the 12-14" range, so there is much more going on in Woman Lake than just the walleyes.  And the bass are quite active, as well.  Weather seems to be the biggest determining factor right now.  If you get a nice day to fish, the fish seem willing to cooperate.  On top of that, the fall colors are really starting to show nicely around the lake.  It is a lovely time to be on the water.

September 17-22, 2016

The weather has been quite variable on a daily basis, but generally it has been a beautiful September to this point.  The walleye bite has been consistent on most days with the exception of a few "off days" after some storms blow through.  The adult loons are all gone now, leaving the youngsters (now adult sized) on their own.  These young loons have the most haunting call now, trying to figure out where the adults have gone.  Most of them will have it figured out by early November, and be headed for the Gulf Coast on their own by pure instinct.  The walleyes we are catching are still on main lake structure in 17-19 feet of water.  Leeches still work best, if you have them, but shiners and red tails will also do the trick.  Crankbaits are also working well for both walleyes and northern pike.  If you get the chance, come up North for the absolute best time of the year.  We had a stunning Northern Lights display Monday night.

September 13, 2016

I spent the last week camping and fishing up in Voyagers National Park along the MN-Canadian border, as I always do with some good friends at this time of year.  The weather was cooperative, the scenery is stunningly beautiful, and the fishing was outstanding. The smallmouth bass fishing with surface baits was especially good this year, but so was the walleye bite.  I had one afternoon catch of 6 smally's that probably weighed 30 lbs.  I would add some photos to the Catch Section of this website, however I managed to drop my camera in 19 feet of water, so no fish pictures this year's trip.

September 1-4, 2016

The steady walleye and bass bite has continued on Woman Lake as the water temperatures begin to slowly dip into the upper 60-degree range.  Main lake structure (reefs, sunken islands, and breaks off main bars) has remained the best location and 16-19 feet is where we are finding the fish.  The bass tend to be a little shallower than the walleyes, but we are often catching both off the same structure.  The loons are beginning to raft up in preparation for their flights south in the next couple weeks.  I have seen groups of as many as 21 loons together, so it won't be long before the adults leave and only the chicks born this spring will be left.