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Fishing Report June 2014

June 28-30, 2014

The rains have finally backed off, but the winds have made boat control somewhat challenging.  The walleyes are feeding aggressively in the windy conditions and you can boat a nice batch for dinner if you can effectively present your bait.  Water temperatures have reached the upper 60's and walleyes are pretty much distributed throughout the entire lake now.  All the major lake structures are holding fish, but they have moved down to more typical depths 17-21 feet.

June 12 -15, 2014

The rain just won't seem to stop and water levels are the highest I can remember, but that has not slowed down the walleye bite.  Water temperatures have remained in the mid 60 degree range and the walleye locations remain shallow.  We found walleyes on many main lake points and bars, all in the 10-15 foot deep range.  We have experienced a steady bite which should remain for the next few weeks, at least.  I have not tried Muskie fishing yet this season, but we had a small 36 incher try to take a hooked walleye from us the other day.

May 30 - June 4, 2014

The weather and wind continue to impact the our daily fishing both up and down, but the walleyes are beginning to turn on and the best fishing of the season should occur over the next 3-4 weeks.  Water temperatures have soared to the mid 60 degree range after a week of unseasonably hot and sunny weather.  The first part of the week, the walleyes were still finicky, but Tuesday and Wednesday they were biting aggressively in shallow water 9-14 feet deep.  On our best day we hooked 26 walleyes ranging from 15-22 inches in length, and they seemed to prefer leeches over minnows.  I will upload a few pictures to the Catch Photos section and you can see these fish were perfect size for shore lunch.  We caught few nice northern pike, as well, and would have caught many more had we been fishing with minnows.  The big bass are still active and visible along shoreline shallows and rocky reef tops, and some impressive weights were recorded at last weekend's bass tournament on Woman Lake.