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Fishing Report August 2019

August 10, 2019

     A solid walleye bite has returned to Woman Lake as the main lake algae blooms have somewhat diminished the sunlight penetration, giving the lake a more greenish tint rather than its typical cobalt blue color.  The water temps (approx 76 degrees) have also seemed to peak in early August, as you would expect and will now begin a slow trend downward from here until first ice in December.  This is all good news for walleye fisherman.

     We are currently finding walleyes on sunken islands and reef tops, much shallower than usual for this time of year, probably resulting from the decreased water clarity.  Daily limits of keeper walleyes have been typical recently, but you need to be patient.  We are still fishing leeches, but finding the fish in 13-15 feet of water, and sometimes as shallow as 10 feet.  We are also catching walleyes in deeper water (19-21) around rockpiles that harbor crayfish.  The big smallmouth are on the rocks as well, but not quite as deep.  I have not tried pulling crankbaits or spinner/nightcrawler rigs for walleyes yet, but I am certain they would also be very effective.

     My home flood repair project is slowly progressing, so I hope to be back booking guides trips before the end of August.  Feel free to give me a call if you are interested in fishing our traditionally great fall walleye bite.  Please note that I will be on a Canadian border lakes camping / fishing trip from Sept 3 thru Sept 13th, and unavailable to guide during that timeframe.  Get out on the water, the fishing is great.