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Fishing Report May 2016

May 27, 2016

We had tough fishing weather today with rain and East winds, but the walleyes still wanted to bite.  We did not get on the water until 9:30 AM, but caught 17 walleyes with the largest being 27 inches.  Shiner minnows definitely outperformed leeches all day.  The bigger fish came from 26-27 feet deep off main lake reefs while the smaller fish were found on shallower sand breaks at 17-19 feet.  Water temp was 62 degrees with overcast / rainy skies all day.  Should be a great walleye bite over Memorial Day weekend, if the weather cooperates, and this bite should continue until at least late June.  And the big crappie bite is still going strong.  I have added some new photos to the “Catch Photos” section of this website, if you want to see some real nice walleyes from Woman Lake.  Get out on the water – the walleye bite is on !!!

May 22-25, 2016

Surface water temperatures on the main basin of Woman Lake are in the upper 50 degree range and will hit 60 degrees on a sunny day.  The walleye bite remains solid and the average size of the fish caught remains impressive.  We are catching many fish in the 20-24 inch range and most other walleyes are in the 17-19 inch range.  We have been fishing leeches on live bait rigs successfully all week, mostly along shore related points and sand breaks.

May 14-19, 2016  -  MN Walleye Opener Week

I do not remember experiencing a colder MN Walleye Opener, but it did not stop the big walleyes from biting.  It was 29 degrees and snowing Saturday morning with gusty winds, but we managed to put some very nice fish in the boat.  The weather gradually warmed all week and the walleye bite got better every day.  Check out the "Catch Photos" section of this website to see a few of the fish.  We have been catching many fish over 22" (most of which get released) with a couple 26", but the typical walleye has been in the 17-21 inch range.  The main lake surface water temperature is approaching the 58-59 degree range, and the bite is hot.  Most of our fish have come from shore related structure (points and shoreline breaks) in the 17-20 foot depths and both minnows and leeches are working well.

May 6-8, 2016

The big crappie bite is going in full force in the shallow black bottom bays of Woman Lake and other nearby lakes.  Water temperatures are approaching 60 degrees in the shallows while the main lake is still 52-53 degrees.  We have been fishing with fathead minnows in 3-6 feet of water.  Come on up - the bite is on !!!