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Fishing Report September 2019

September 19, 2019

     Water temperatures are still hanging in the upper 60 degree range on Woman Lake, and the weather has been a mix of wind, then rain, then sunshine, without much of a consistent pattern, and the walleye fishing has modeled this pattern.  When the weather cooperates, we have a decent walleye bite and are landing some bigger fish (up to 26"), at least for this lake.  Main lake basin structures (points, shore breaks, and rock piles) that are shoreline related have been our best locations, mostly in the 17-20 foot depths.  We have fished both leeches and redtail chubs, and for the moment the leeches are still the more effective bait.  The big redtail bite will be coming soon, maybe after the next big temperature drop.

September 11, 2019             Patriot Day - Let Us Never Forget

     We experienced a very enjoyable Voyageurs National Park fishing and camping trip over the last week, and I am now back guiding again on Woman Lake.  Come on up and enjoy the typically great fall walleye bite.  The walleyes and smallmouth bass were quite cooperative on both Sand Point and Namakan Lakes, and we cooked up a wonderful walleye shore lunch every day, as is our tradition.  This is my very favorite fishing trip every year with the beautiful scenery, abundant wildlife, cool evening campfires, and occasional Northern Lights.  If you have never been up there, put it on your bucket list, as it is a true Minnesota/Canada border treasure.

September 3, 2019

     After missing the last 5-6 weeks of fishing and guiding, due to my flooded home, I am finally ready to get back out on the water.  A big thanks to all of you for your patience during my absence, and I really appreciate your understanding of my unique circumstances.  Tomorrow, I am leaving on a fishing / camping trip to Voyageurs National Park (Canada/MN border waters) and returning Sept 12 or 13, in time to fish Woman Lake over the Sept 14-15 weekend.  If anyone is interested in my guiding services for the last half of September or early October, feel free to give me a phone call or leave me a message.  Please realize, I may have very limited email or phone service while in Voyagers National Park.  My last day of fish guiding this year will be either October 8th or 9th.

     The fishing on Woman Lake was mixed over Labor Day weekend, with some days pretty decent and others somewhat spotty.  Water temperatures have dropped down to the upper 60's and it appears that fish have begun moving to their traditional fall season locations.  We have found walleyes mostly on shore related structures in 17-21 feet of water and the smallmouth are hanging in the rockpiles, as you would expect.  The bass have been particularly active and aggressive feeders all week just outside the 15-16 foot cabbage weedlines, as well.  Some of the very best fishing of the year will be happening over the next 5-6 weeks.